November 8, 2009

Credit Genius When Due

Genius flourishes in photography, dance, or even the subtle nuances of kicking someone to the curb.  But few pull of true genius better than Ricardo Autobahn's "Golden Age of Video".  If someone knows wtf is going on with their arms at the beginning of this video I'd love to know!

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  1. the scene from the beginning of this clip is from a 30's movie called "Freaks". It is now considered a cult classic, but at the time it was severly censored. It is the story of a group of circus/sideshow performers, some of which were greatly deformed physically, and the cuckolded dwarf who leads the band. This scene is the after-wedding dinner in which they accept the "normal" but incredible bitch of a wife in song, beating time with the silver ware. Fortunately she gets her just desserts for deceiving him in the end. They turn her into the incredible "Duck Woman"... just imagine.