February 13, 2010

Loved by an Asshole

Somewhere in Australia, a very creative asshole reigns supreme as Douchebag Downunder

February 11, 2010

Office Camouflage

The Gayest Photo of the Superbowl

The Ultimate Tramp Stamp

Don't you DARE spam my cookies!

Special Instructions

PSA Buckle Up

Produced in the UK by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

NSFW Durex Advertising Campaign

Communicate the joy with Durex.

Don’t tell it demonstrate it.

Type shows like X-ray the inner feelings during the act with Durex.

Just Three Small Words

Screw-in Coffin

Genius!  God that would save so much time and space in our cemeteries...  It's recently been issued to Donald Scruggs from California.  More pictures and info at US Patent #7631404

Alien Coffee Table

That badboy is made from old car parts, scrap metal, various tools, and a whole lot of creativity.  Check them out at Alien Furniture!

Muppet sings "Dust on the Wind"

February 9, 2010

Almost... almost little froggy

I love how he puts his hands in his mouth. Sticky tongue traps 'em, then he just wolfs 'em down. That frog is a ninja-badass in the making!


Badass Tombstone

Postcard from the Midwest

A very strange word that, Oklahoma...
Say it aloud enough times, don't blame me for compulsive giggles.

Da HIV Gangstas

Someone call that number, oh please :)

The Expression of Photoshop Elation

He clearly needed to watch more Bond movies