February 19, 2010

That dog is bat shit crazy...

Life Before Google

The Miracle of Choosing Your Life

Smoke Ring Collision

Sexy Violin-Girls - Toxicity

These girls are awesome.  Don't know if you've ever listened to Apocalyptica, but these girls should be working with them.

Scooby Doo ala MY EYES!!

I love a smartass :)

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Lots of them today, you know you like clicking my button.

Straight to heart

It's Dangerous to go Alone, Drink This!

Fleshlight vs Dildo - Prejudice

I had never thought of it that way before, but the picture's right. If a guy owns a Fleshlight they're automatically assumed to be a loser... But if a girl has a dildo, she's sexually liberated. Guess the whole Stud vs. Slut has an opposite flip-side. What do you think?

Avatar/Pocahontas Mashup

The correlations were pretty striking to begin with, in watching this they're slap-you-in-the-face clear.

Blonde at a Traffic Light

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So very true...

Star Wars Snow-Sculptures

You've got to let it all go Neo...

Sausage Supper

God... I think that sign is real!

And what a lifesaver it is!

Princess Parking


At least it saves the cargo...?

The code is down + forward + A



THESE are spirit fingers!

*cough cough*

Sans that, biatch!

Remember that old skiing game...?