December 31, 2009

Please tell me you are, for real.

Silverware Dragon

Damn, the guy who did this is one awesome-possum!

He should have used a spoon!

Football Explained

It all makes sense now!

Stick Figure Horror

God, I laughed so hard when I read this. There's something I find truly hilarious about horror being depicted on stick figures :)

NSFW on 2nd glance #2

Chuck Norris reigns supreme

I haven't seen a worthy Chuck Norris joke in awhile.  But, heh heh :)

You can't kill Rambo, no sir!

Headline says it all

Vengeful Tetris God

I should have posted this video ages ago, it's been tickling me for two weeks now.  LIIIINNNNE PIECE is definitely my tagline for tonight!